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My story

Welcome to! I’m Branka, and I’m thrilled to have you here.

Living in the picturesque landscapes of Serbia, Europe, I’m not just a family trees creator—I’m also a mom to three lively boys. My journey began as an architectural engineer and designer, where I honed my skills in precision, accuracy, and clarity.

Combining my technical expertise with an artistic touch, I breathe life into each family tree I create. The result? A stunning piece of art that captures the essence of your unique heritage.

With a deep respect for family and heritage, my mission is to help you uncover and celebrate the intricacies of your linguistic, cultural, and generational background through family trees. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just beginning your family research, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

That’s why I offer a range of options, from free templates to premium products, ensuring that everyone can preserve their family story with love and reverence.

Let’s embark on this journey together and create something truly special. Welcome to, where your family’s legacy comes to life.

🌿How I became a family tree designer 🌿

From a young age, I felt a passion for drawing, exploring the combination of technical precision and artistic expressiveness. In college, I perfected that skill, turning technical drawing into art. I received my first praise for my work, but it wasn’t until I started designing family trees that I realized the true depth of my talent.


My trees are more than just genealogy charts. Each of them bears the stamp of my love for detail and artistic expression. Each branch represents a generation, but also tells its own story through a carefully thought-out background design.


As an entrepreneur, this job brings me not only creative freedom, but also the ability to be flexible and devote myself to my family. Being there for my children, and watching them grow and develop, is something I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.


Art, technique and family love – that’s what inspires me every day.

3 sons



What clients say about me

Amanda McDonald
Amazing!! So easy to work with – exceeded my expectations. So professional thank you.
T 1 Min
FANTASTIC. My mother LOVED her present. She does genealogy research and I thought this would be great to get it all down in print for her. This inspired her to go do more research and add family members so we will be back I'm sure! So do your research get everything organized and ready to go. Branka will help you with any questions ( who am I using a maiden name for, and when?) and any finalizations! Thank you for all your help!
T 4 Min
This beautiful family tree is high quality, allows for the documentation of 10 generations, can be filled out using software, or by hand. I ordered one to be filled out professionally, and it came out beautifully!
T 7 Min
This was so fun to fill in for my family…they all loved it and it turned out great! Also, thanks for helping me when I uldn't figure out how to make and extra line – super fast and super easy to fix! Love it!!
T 10 Min
I love what Branka did with my familty tree. It is exactly what I wanted. She was very easy to work with and always replied to my messages with the information that I was looking for. Thank you Branka!!
T 14 Min
Branka was so easy to work with. She was able to accommodate everything I asked for. She put a rush on my order because I made some last minute changes. The artwork is beautiful! And it was a perfect gift for my parents 50th Anniversary. They loved it! And I got so many compliments on it. I will be ordering again for my in-laws. Thank you!
T 17 Min
Wonderful gift for my father for Christmas. Love that I have an editable version so that I canupdate as I gather more information.
T 2 Min
Great quality family tree, Branka is very helpful and patient and helped me with any adjustments I needed without an issue. She replies very fast and does an excellent job, I highly recommend her if you're looking to create your own family tree.
T 5 Min
Caroline Campbell
Absolutely love this and Branka is amazing.
T 8 Min
Came very quickly and beautifully done.
T 11 Min
I cannot express my joy at having created another one of kind family tree with Branka!! She is patient, attentive and so creative!!
T 12 Min
Stina Jimenez
The tree is BEAUTIFUL! And Branka’s customer service is exceptional! She messaged me to make sure that I was able to download the item and walked me through the process, then when I was struggling using adobe to fill in the names and dates she was more than willing to give me the help I needed! She helped me access a different tool to use instead of adobe and it works great!
T 15 Min
Branka was awesome. Very patient! This tree was presented at my family reunion and everyone loved it. It was also displayed in the lobby of the hotel we stayed at, and so many people complimented us on it. Thanks!
T 18 Min
Great if you want to add cousins, aunts, uncles etc, and not just parents and grandparents becasue you can lay it out in your own format.
T 3 Min
This family tree is very beautiful. Branka was so easy to work with, patient and creative as we discussed options, generous with her time as she double checked my information. My daughter is thrilled with the tree. I'm sure she will always treasure this gift. Thanks again Branka!
T 6 Min


The quality is phoenominal, description was perfect and our expectations were off the chart good. Branka makes it so easy for the customer which is very much appreciated. We will definitely recommend her trees to family and friends. Thank you, Jan P in Texas
T 9 Min
Our family tree turned out wonderful!! I was also very happy with how timely communication was. It was a great experience!
T 13 Min
Seller is stellar with attention to detail and complete willingness to make sure the customer is happy. Nothing but the best quality, communication and responsiveness, and timely product completion.
T 16 Min
This is AMAZING! It turned out so well.
T 19 Min
Custom order was amazing! She was quick to get it to me before Christmas!
T 20 Min
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