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Family Tree for Stillborn and Unborn Babies

In life, the family tree serves as a cornerstone, preserving memories of those who are most dear to us. However, we often face the loss of babies who never got to feel the warmth of a mother’s embrace or hear the first words of loved ones. The question that arises is how to make these angels visible on our family tree, how to love and remember them.

Representation of Stillborn and Unborn Babies on the Family Tree

When we face the loss of a stillborn or unborn baby, the question arises of how to represent them on the family tree. This is a sensitive issue, but the answer is simple – YES, they should be included. Whether their names are known or not, their love and significance in the family must not be forgotten.

When adding information about a stillborn child, we enter their name, birth details, and death information. If the child lived for a short time after birth, we also include the death details. For miscarriages, we can add a customized information box. If the child was never named, there are several options – from various symbols or a flower representing their presence.

I will show you some examples below. But you are the one who knows best how to represent babies who are no longer with us. Think about what reminds you of them.

Unborn Babies Family Tree Symbols Min

Designing the Family Tree

When it comes to designing the family tree, individuality is key. Clients often have specific requests for symbols representing their angels. From crosses to flowers, angel images, specific signs or symbols can add a touch of intimacy and love towards these precious souls. Through customized trees, we send a message that these babies are part of the family, part of our story, and loved forever.

The Sentimental Value of the Family Tree

For anyone creating or planning their family tree, this work has deep sentimental value. It preserves memories of all those who are dear to us, including those who left us too soon. The family tree becomes a guardian of memories, a place where all loved ones are forever connected. It is a message of love towards all who were once part of our lives, whether they stayed with us or left us too soon.

By creating a family tree for stillborn and unborn babies, we not only preserve their memory but also send a powerful message of love and respect. These little beings are part of our family story, part of our love, and will forever remain engraved in our hearts. May our family trees be places where memories of these angels never fade, but instead deepen and become more precious over time.

I am Branka, a family tree designer. Over the years, I have encountered various family stories, and I have given each one the best of my talent to create something special for the family that wants a tree. If you have your own desires and want a piece of art representing your family, you can contact me here and tell me what you have in mind.

For your highest good.

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