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Family Tree in Spanish: Preserve your family history in a unique way

Welcome to the world of personalized family trees in Spanish! As a designer of personalized family trees, I present to you a unique opportunity to bring your family history to life through beautiful and detailed graphics.

History of family trees

The history of family trees goes back deep into the late Middle Ages, when the nobility adopted the tree as a symbol of lineage. By the eighteenth century, family pedigrees were commonly referred to as “family trees”, while the basics of diagrams became common. Today, a variety of family tree designs represent a creative synthesis of tradition and a contemporary approach.

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The importance of family trees

Family trees are not just graphics on paper – they are a valuable way to preserve family history and connect with roots. These artifacts have a deep emotional value, being passed down through the generations as valuable heirlooms that preserve the memory of past times and dear people.

Creating a personalized family tree in Spanish

The process of creating a personalized family tree begins with you choosing a style and submitting information about family members. Using your data and your wishes, we carefully and skillfully shape a unique family tree, adapted to your family and your wishes. In order for the information I enter to be correct, you should provide me with names with tildes that are characteristic of the Spanish language. We will be in touch during the process of creating the family tree, so you can tell me about changes if needed.

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Family tree formats

As a creator of personalized family trees, I offer you a wide range of formats and dimensions so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. After completion, you receive a digital file that you can easily print at home or at your local print shop. If there is no Printing Shop in your area that prints larger formats, then you can search the Internet for online printers with home delivery. Type “online printing (and the name of your country)” into your browser. For example “Online printing in Spain”. Then choose the ones that suit your needs.

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Customizing the family tree

Your family tree doesn’t have to look exactly like the example – each tree is customized to your preferences. We can add or edit family members, change the layout or display style, or add additional information to make it completely unique. All family tree examples that I made in Spanish you can see at this link. Also, you can see available background tree styles in the image under and choose the one that you like for your family tree.

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Data security

Your personal data is safe with us. All data you provide us is used solely for the purpose of creating your personalized family tree. After that it will be deleted from our system.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or want to start the process of creating your personalized family tree, please feel free to contact me via email:

Preserve your family history in a unique and emotional way with a personalized family tree in Spanish. The language you speak is also part of your tradition. Let us help you create a lasting memory that will be passed down for generations.

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