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How to make a family tree easy

Do you want to keep your family information, as ancestor names, dates and places of birth/death. Family tree is a great way to do that.

Not only will you preserve information about your ancestors, but you will also create a piece of art.
Do you want to do your own family tree with minimal artistic and technical skills?
I have prepared designed templates for you that you can easily fill out yourself. Check them out at this link:

In each of these template description you can find a Corjl demo link, where you can TRY EDITING BEFORE YOU BUY.

All you need is the information you will enter and a template (you can use copy-paste) and a good will to do this family project. I guarantee you will be delighted with the end result! You will be especially glad because you (with a little help from me as a designer) managed to make something so beautiful. Find him a place of honor in your home. Of course, a family tree can be a wonderful gift to members of that family. Enjoy working on it.

I will explain below on which ways you can access your family tree order. There are two ways:

  1. After purchasing an item in my shop, Corjl will immediately send out an email message to your email. The message will contain a link, which you can use to log in and access your purchased items.
  2. You can go directly to and enter your order ID and login information to access your purchased item.

You will need to make a Corjl account first in order to access your orders. This is important for your future updates and changes.

With your order you will receive a LIFETIME ACCESS to your order and UNLIMITED DOWNOLADS.

For more customer information you can visit this link.

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