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How to turn an Ancestry chart to a family tree

In this post I will explain which is the easiest way to create a family tree with a family informations on

This applies to simple and also to complex family tree.

You can hold your family tree in your hands in just a few days.


This is an ancestry chart that I received.

ancestry chart



And this is the result.


Do you like it?


All you need to do is to:
1. share your family tree with me and
2. choose the family tree design that you like


  • 1. Share your family tree with me
    – click on your family name on your Ancestry profile
    – In drop down menu choose “sharing” button
    – click on “email” an write my email
    – choose “guest” role (so I just can see your family tree and use the information that I need for creating your family tree, I can not edit it)
    – on the end “send invites”

In a few moments I will receive your invite on my email.

* You can see a video instruction of the process of sending Ancestry invite, if that is easier for you.


  • 2. Choose a family tree design that you like
    On this link you can see family tree designs that I created, see the prices, sizes etc. You can browse by categories for easy finding what you need.


If you are not sure which family tree suits you and which size would be good for your family tree, feel free to contact me with all your questions on this email:


The family tree that I show above I created in a record time of 4 days, with multiple edits.
It was an anniversary gift for parents, from their son. They all together worked on their family tree about 20 years. Twenty!

It’s really detailed with the full names, birth/death date and place and marriage date and place too. See how it looks on the picture below.

marriage dates on family tree

It was my pleasure that he choose me for this very important project for him and his parents.

If you like my work, I will be glad to create a family tree for you.


Family Tree Art




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