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Once upon a time two families merged into one, Family Tree Art


  • Leave something really valauble to your children and grandchildren. Show them where they came from.
  • The background design of the family tree was created with two trees, so that it represents two families that merged into one on the bottom. This is where their new part of the story begins with children and grandchildren.
  • This large colorful family tree is so vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Don’t wait long for a postal shipping, with email delivery you will hold your family tree in your hands in just a few days.
  • Backgound is pure white with a beautiful watercolor large tree.
  • All you need to do is to send me a family names (read how in description below) and I will create your family tree
  • Customer service for any question about the product and help (contact me on

The family tree is one of the most unique gifts you can give someone. It contains the closest people to his life – his family. Show your unique story about how your family came to be.

With this order you will receive a personalized family tree.  We will be in touch during the process of creating a family tree, so you can be completely satisfied with your order.

This family tree is a great gift for a young couple. It contains:

  • a couple names
  • their simple ancestry line 5 generations – parents, grandparents, great gnadparents etc
  • their children and grandchildren (if they have them)
  • family name in the heart

Puchase includes a PDF and a JPG file of your personalized family tree, that you can print. If you need advice or help with printing, visit “How to print the tree” section in description below.

To send me your family names, just download a Word file where you can easy add your family names on “Documents” page of this website (choose generation number that you need), add the names and send the file on my email

After I receive your family names, I need a few days to finish it.

If you have any question, or need help before or after ordering, I am here to help. You contact me on


Family Tree Art

Delivery and Refunds

Family Tree Art works with a DIGITAL FILES ONLY.

Ordered file will be delivered to email that you provide me with your order. If you need help with how and where to print the file, you can find it on any item described in my shop.

Since I work with digital files only, refund is not possible after you receive the ordered file to your email.

If you decide to cancel your custom (personalized) order before I start working on it, just let me know and you will receive a full refund.

How to print the family tree

There are two options for printing ordered family tree:

1. PRINT IN LOCAL PRINTING SHOP – ask them if they can print in the size you need
2. PRINT ONLINE WITH HOME DELIVER – choose one of the sites whose links I left below (or print with some other online Printing site)

There are more options (poster prints, canvas print, foam print, framing, mugs, shirts…)
There are more sizes, choose one that you need.

– go to the site that you choose
– upload your photo
– if all looks good, proceed to checkout

don’t have to wait up to a month, how long it should normally arrive to you from Europe,
where I live.

I can recommend you which sites are used by most of my customers. Visit it and use the
one that looks the best for you:

FedEx –!
Wallgreens –
Gotprint –


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